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6.2.6298 GPL: GNU General Public License
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Mura CMS comes in two separate flavors.

Mura Standard:
The source files for Mura and can be deployed on any Adobe ColdFusion MX7 (or newer) or Railo 2.0+ server.

Mura Express:
A version to get up and running instantly. Mura Express is a fully self-contained version that will run on a local machine. Mura Express is perfect for demoing Mura, or for creating a local copy for development purposes. Includes Mura Standard on Railo Express (Railo CFML Engine, Jetty Application Server and WebServer, H2 Database).
Last updated on May 22nd, 2015
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A ColdFusion open source content management system that allows developers to publish and control web content quickly and simply


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