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A content management system built using the Django framework with support for setting it up as a blog, shopping platform, and news portal






The Mezzanine CMS provides both a consistent GUI for managing Web content, and a simple architecture that makes diving in and writing code as easy as possible.

This is thanks to its Django core, the versatile Python framework that allows developers to easily structure code as modules and extend the CMS' built-in features.

The CMS is currently one of the best available open source content management systems for Python and is considered a stable high-end tool.

All in all Mezzanine is a tool for anyone that desires extensibility and adaptability from their CMS.
Last updated on September 2nd, 2014
Mezzanine - Mezzanine is a complex CMS for Python, and more specifically Django developersMezzanine - Mezzanine comes with an easy to use page management systemMezzanine - WYSIWYG editing is also included for Mezzanine installationsMezzanine - Mezzanine also comes with a built-in blogging moduleMezzanine - Blog posts can be edited just like pagesMezzanine - A comments moderation feature is included with MezzanineMezzanine - Each comment can be edited on its own, or removed altogetherMezzanine - A media library toolkit is included for managing the site's static assetsMezzanine - Users have their own profiles where they can change various account detailsMezzanine - An on-page editing system is also included for the Mezzanine frontend

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