Kentico CMS8.2

Commercial License: Professional Edition + 2 others
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One of the most complete ASP.NET CMS platforms around, capable of powering a simple site, a Web portal, an online store, or even an Intranet






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Kentico CMS is a combination between a CMS, a discussion board, a blogging engine and an e-commerce platform.

It allow developers to build all of the above, and even much more other types of websites.

Kentico is a complete Web platform for building any type of website you using the power of ASP.NET and SQL Server.

The CMS has been used in the past by big name companies like Samsung, Ford, ESPN, Mazda, Sony, DKNY, McDonalds, O2, Vodafone, Subaru, Orange, and even Microsoft itself.

If you have a few thousands of dollars laying around than don't hesitate to use it, otherwise take a look at its free version instead.
Last updated on January 7th, 2015
Kentico CMS - Kentico CMS is a multi-functional ASP.NET CMSKentico CMS - Kentico CMS dashboards are all password-protectedKentico CMS - The CMS allows admins to edit CSS files and create custom data tablesKentico CMS - screenshot #4Kentico CMS - screenshot #5Kentico CMS - Kentico also comes with a fully-working debug utility, newsletter module, and an activity loggerKentico CMS - screenshot #7Kentico CMS - screenshot #8Kentico CMS - For commercials versions of the CMS, there are also special sections where to enter licensing detailsKentico CMS - The Kentico CMS also provides a form builder, a media library manager, and a module installerKentico CMS - screenshot #11Kentico CMS - screenshot #12Kentico CMS - Kentico also comes with a powerful, in-depth page management and editing featuresKentico CMS - screenshot #14Kentico CMS - screenshot #15Kentico CMS - Admins can also edit user roles and their permissions levelKentico CMS - screenshot #17Kentico CMS - A scheduled tasks and to-do list manager is also included with the backendKentico CMS - Lots of CMS settings can be customized via the backend, including multi-site supportKentico CMS - screenshot #20Kentico CMS - screenshot #21Kentico CMS - The CMS' interface is also fully customizable, along with the user accountsKentico CMS - screenshot #23Kentico CMS - screenshot #24Kentico CMS - Kentico CMS also supports reusable code snippets and frontend widgetsKentico CMS - screenshot #26

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