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A powerful open source PHP Content Management System (CMS) that can be used to build medium to large scale applications with ease






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Kajona initially started out as a framework, but with recent updates it has transformed into a fully-blown CMS.

Because of its solid, well-organized codebase, Kajona can handle much more complex operations and a lot more customizations than regular CMS systems can handle.

The CMS can be used for any kind of Web development process, from simple one-page sites, to personal blogs, portfolios, or even complex company Intranets.

Thanks to its well-organized code and a beautiful visual interface, the CMS appeals to both technical and non-technical users alike.

Kajona has reached a very mature state and thanks to constant updates to its core has always managed to stay away from PHP core or security vulnerabilities.

The CMS is also well documented and comes with lots of templates and add-ons to extend its core functionality even farther than initially planned.
Last updated on May 18th, 2015
Kajona - Kajona comes with an easy to use installation wizardKajona - The admin panel is password protectedKajona - Review recent activity from the dashboard overviewKajona - All content editing tasks are WYSIWYG-poweredKajona - Reviewing all pages and what action to take on themKajona - Kajona provides a fine-grained permissions systemKajona - A built-in search engine helps admins find their desired contentKajona - An user polling system comes packed with Kajona FullKajona - Events can also be managed in the backendKajona - A FAQ system is also packed with Kajona FullKajona - The built-in file browser is also easy to useKajona - Menus can be managed with ease in the Kajona dashboardKajona - The news module can be used as a blogging platformKajona - User profile details can be edited at any timeKajona - This is the default Kajona CMS theme

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