0.9.2 GPL: GNU General Public License
3.5/5 28
A framework and content management system for building dynamic web sites via PHP, perfect for blogs and small to medium websites






Jaws uses an user friendly interface, allowing advanced and even beginners users to create nice, beautiful websites without having to spend days and weeks learning about PHP.

The CMS lets webmasters install and then manage the website from a specially crafted administrative dashboard.

On top of the classic CMS-like features, a powerful content management framework is also included that allows developers to create custom modules and various CMS extensions. This adds a lot of hidden possibilities to Jaws.

Just install and take advantage of all the tools.
Last updated on December 11th, 2013
Jaws - Jaws comes with an easy to use installation wizardJaws - Author credentials and dummy data can be added during the installationJaws - The admin dashboard is password protectedJaws - The admin panel comes with a comprehensive controls dashboardJaws - A settings panel is provided with the Jaws CMS for controlling various facets of the websiteJaws - Layout controls are included with the Jaws admin panelJaws - The Jaws CMS can be extented via various gadgets (widgets)Jaws - The core can be extended via plugins as well, for more complex functionalityJaws - An URL manager is included with the CMS for controlling URL routes and redirectsJaws - Jaws is a multi-user CMS, with lots of user management related optionsJaws - Users can easily be organized in various user groupsJaws - Lots of security-related tools are included with the Jaws default packageJaws - A blogging module is included with Jaws as wellJaws - A newsletter and contacts management tool is also packed with JawsJaws - Emblems can be added and published in the website frontendJaws - Jaws also ships with a menu managerJaws - A file and image manager is included with the Jaws core

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