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A highly customizable PHP Web publishing platform that can be used to build almost any type of dynamic website you can think of






ExpressionEngine is a very advanced PHP and MySQL content management system (CMS) that has garnered a very dedicated community around it, community that contributes modules, themes, and tutorials on a regular basis.

ExpressionEngine is quite an advanced tool, created by top PHP programmers for other similarly skilled developers.

It uses complex PHP features to let webmasters build websites using custom requirements and page structures, sites that are usually very hard to build with fixed-system CMSs like Joomla or WordPress.

The entire CMS is easy to install, features the classic administration panel, and can be deployed on most Web hosting platforms.

While there's enough functionality in the core to build most website types, add-ons will help built specific site types like blogs, forums, wikis, and so on.
Last updated on May 2nd, 2015
ExpressionEngine - ExpressionEngine comes with a simple to use installation wizardExpressionEngine - If everything installed correctly, this is how the ExpressionEngine login screen looks likeExpressionEngine - In the ExpressionEngine backend, admins have access to various management optionsExpressionEngine - Webmasters can edit pages, channels, and manage filesExpressionEngine - screenshot #5ExpressionEngine - ExpressionEngine features a customizable WYSIWYG editorExpressionEngine - A file browser and file management utility is also includedExpressionEngine - Utilities for managing template files are also included with ExpressionEngineExpressionEngine - screenshot #9ExpressionEngine - screenshot #10ExpressionEngine - Admins can also manage code snippets, email notifications, user messages, and the maintenance mode messageExpressionEngine - screenshot #12ExpressionEngine - screenshot #13ExpressionEngine - screenshot #14ExpressionEngine - screenshot #15ExpressionEngine - ExpressionEngine can easily be extended by installing and managing modules, accessories, extensions, plugins, and fieldtypesExpressionEngine - screenshot #17ExpressionEngine - screenshot #18ExpressionEngine - screenshot #19ExpressionEngine - screenshot #20ExpressionEngine - screenshot #21ExpressionEngine - screenshot #22ExpressionEngine - A special utility is included with ExpressionEngine that helps developers manage the userbaseExpressionEngine - screenshot #24ExpressionEngine - Admins can also organize users in groups, search users by an IP, ban infringing members, activate new accounts, and manage membership preferencesExpressionEngine - screenshot #26ExpressionEngine - screenshot #27ExpressionEngine - screenshot #28ExpressionEngine - screenshot #29ExpressionEngine - ExpressionEngine ships with a plethora of tweakable settings and optionsExpressionEngine - Various other management and maintenance tools are packed as wellExpressionEngine - ExpressionEngine even lets admins manage their backend administration menu

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