4.5.3 GPL: GNU General Public License
3.7/5 40
A lightweight, extendable and easy to use flat-file PHP content management system (CMS), working without the need of a database server





In case you need a CMS that you can simply upload and start editing the site, CMSimple is for you.

To use the CMS, the user must first authenticate on the website before all things.

After this task has been taken care of, CMSimple works by allowing the user to edit a page's content via a WYSIWYG editor.

CMSimple also allows the admin to edit how the content is shown on the page, by also giving him access to edit the page's layout template as well.

With this simple approach, CMSimple's creator has managed to provide quite a versatile system for controlling the website, without needing complex database schemas and/or a complicated admin panel.


1. Unzip archive.
2. Upload to server.
3. Login with the default password "test".
Last updated on May 14th, 2015
CMSimple - Editing a page's content is extremely easy using the built-in WYSIWYG editorCMSimple - CMSimple also includes a menu & page managerCMSimple - A basic file uploader and file browser utility is also includedCMSimple - The CMSimple settings page allows webmasters to customzie the content and behavior of the CMSCMSimple - CMSimple can also be easily extended by installing new pluginsCMSimple - The webmaster can manage page templates and CSS styles

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