Zebra_Datepicker 1.9.2

LGPL: GNU Lesser General Public License

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A jQuery plugin for creating interactive date pickers, showing a special popup panel for choosing a desired date or time interval




Zebra_Datepicker is one of the most complete jQuery-based date pickers on the market, providing a powerful set of features you don't regularly see in open source solutions.

Zebra_Datepicker is easy to deploy and configure and will provide the user with a comprehensive interface to select his desired date.

Besides dates, time periods can also be selected by linking two date pickers together.

The Zebra_Datepicker UI widget can be embedded as an inline calendar, or used as a popup element.

Demos and usage instructions are included with the download package. Check them out to see a presentation of all the major features.
Last updated on May 1st, 2015
Zebra_Datepicker - Zebra_Datepicker is a simple date picker for the jQuery frameworkZebra_Datepicker - Zebra_Datepicker can limit the user's choosing optionsZebra_Datepicker - Week numbers can be attached to the calendarZebra_Datepicker - A year selector is included with Zebra_DatepickerZebra_Datepicker - A separate month selector is also included with Zebra_DatepickerZebra_Datepicker - Skinning Zebra_Datepicker is easy via CSSZebra_Datepicker - Zebra_Datepicker comes with built-in support for the Bootstrap UI framework

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