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A respected JavaScript library for interpreting LESS syntax, a dynamic stylesheet langua...

WP Club Manager

A professional WordPress plugin for managing sport clubs, along with all their details, starting with the player roster and up t...

jQuery Tagz

A jQuery plugin for creating beautiful tag input fields, a highly-specialized UI compone...

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Here's Why Google Can't Completely Fight Against Celebgate or Piracy

Removing a link doesn't make the content go away and blacklisting a domain doesn't mean another won't pop up

Why Google Becoming an Internet Provider Is a Good Idea

Google's intention to go into Wireless Internet could have a great impact on the Internet Service Providers in the US

It's Not Google's Place to Police the Internet

Celebgate lawyer threatened Google with lawsuit for not taking it upon itself to remove naked pictures

The Comcast and TWC Merger – A Joke Played on the American People

Zero competition means people have slow Internet speeds, high prices and no alternatives to choose from

Here's Why I Delete People on Facebook on Their Birthdays

It may not be the best birthday gift in the world, but we just don't know each other all that well

It Makes Sense That Amazon Bought Twitch Instead of Google

Google would probably have integrated Twitch into YouTube

No, Google Didn't Go Too Far When It Alerted the Cops About Man Holding Child Pornography Content

While there are some privacy issues involved, Google did the right thing this time around


Ajax AutoComplete for jQuery 1.2.15

A jQuery plugin to create autocomplete/autosuggest boxes

November 28th, 02:48 GMT

Formoid 2.9.0

A fully-featured jQuery plugin for putting Web forms together, a powerful tool for advanced form p...

November 28th, 02:27 GMT

Squel.js 3.10.0

An SQL query builder writen in JavaScript, utilizing JS syntax to write the query, which the libra...

November 28th, 02:14 GMT

getSize 1.2.2

A JavaScript library to get the dimensions of an element, allowing developers a way to tell how bi...

November 28th, 01:56 GMT

scrollReveal.js 2.1.0

An open source, lightweight JavaScript library for slowly fading in new content on a website as th...

November 28th, 01:41 GMT

Karma 0.12.28

A complex JavaScript source code testing framework

November 28th, 00:21 GMT

Glide.js 1.0.6

A jQuery plugin to create responsive and touch-friendly image slideshows, with support for CSS 3 e...

November 28th, 00:10 GMT

skelJS 2.0.1

An advanced JavaScript framework for creating responsive frontend layouts, complete with an unique...

November 27th, 23:48 GMT

Ground 0.6.9

An MVC framework for developing HTML 5 and JavaScript apps

November 27th, 23:16 GMT

Telescope 0.9.10

A powerful news aggregation system, letting users share links with their friends, and browse commu...

November 27th, 23:06 GMT

Midnight.js 1.0.4

A free jQuery plugin for supporting fixed page elements that change their style and looks as the u...

November 27th, 22:21 GMT

Highland 2.1.0

A JavaScript framework for easily managing and executing code in an asynchronous or synchronous ma...

November 27th, 21:59 GMT

Angular Material Design 0.5.1 / 0.6.0-rc3

A frontend UI framework for the AngularJS JavaScript framework, created on top of Google's Materia...

November 27th, 21:49 GMT

patternLock 0.4.0

A jQuery plugin that can imitate the Android locking and unlocking system, using a dot grid and pr...

November 27th, 20:09 GMT

Image Cropper 0.7.4

A fully-featured jQuery plugin that allows users to crop the section of an image they want to use,...

November 27th, 19:36 GMT

Anchor CMS

A super lightweight PHP-driven content management system (CMS)
Anchor CMS


A beautiful, professional, AJAX-based, open source forum script designed to work on top of the classic PHP & MySQL server setups


An open source PHP-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a powerful and professional toolkit for managing a business via the Internet


A forum component for the famous Joomla CMS, a simple tool to add a fully-customizable and fully-controllable discussion board to your site


A top of the line Content Management System (CMS) developed by YOOtheme, a famous theme maker for the WordPress and Joomla platforms


A Web-based, mobile-friendly, and self-hosted IRC client that will allow you to connect and have conversations on any IRC channel you want


An open-source e-commerce platform that can be used together with Joomla, allowing webmasters to create fully-working online stores


This is a leading open-source Java content management system


A powerful JavaScript library that can be used to create a relatively pleasant editor interface for code-like content, with support for multiple programming languages


A lightweight, customizable Lightbox plugin for jQuery

GetSimple CMS

An open source CMS built using PHP and XML
GetSimple CMS


A content management system built using the Django framework with support for setting it up as a blog, shopping platform, and news portal


One of the top e-commerce platforms you'll find around these days, just perfect for hosting an online store on the classic LAMP stack


A professional wiki written in Java with enterprise features
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  • VirtueMart
  • Magnolia
  • CodeMirror
  • ColorBox
  • GetSimple CMS
  • Mezzanine
  • OpenCart
  • XWiki
  • Anchor CMS
  • esoTalk
  • Zurmo
  • Kunena
  • Pagekit
  • Shout

LoopBack 2.8.2

A modular and extensible Node.js framework that can be used to put together complex mobile and Web...

November 27th, 18:08 GMT

jQuery AMD

A plugin that adds AMD capabilities to jQuery, allowing developers to use AMD principles and AMD-c...

November 27th, 15:39 GMT

Papa Parse 4.0.7

A jQuery plugin for parsing CSV files and converting them to JSON format for easier manipulation, ...

November 27th, 15:09 GMT

Chartkick.js 1.3.0

A free JavaScript library for creating charts via SVG, supporting multiple chart types, legend fie...

November 27th, 14:43 GMT

BrowserSync 1.7.1

A Node.js application that will keep multiple (desktop or mobile) browsers in sync with each other...

November 27th, 14:30 GMT

Browserify 6.3.3

A fully-featured JavaScript library for client-side on-demand script loading, designed and built a...

November 27th, 13:59 GMT

Lumbar 4.0.2

A tool for building platform-specific JavaScript modules, a smart compilation mechanism ideal for ...

November 27th, 13:43 GMT

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component 2.0

A professional set of Flash, Flex, JavaScript, and HTML5 components for displaying pivot charts an...

November 27th, 11:34 GMT

Thumbelina Content Slider 1.0 Rev 1302190900

An open source jQuery plugin for creating beautiful thumbnail sliders, with support for both verti...

November 27th, 11:20 GMT

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Star Zoom 1.1 Rev 1407071300

A commercial jQuery plugin that can zoom in on images using the user's mouse wheel and/or zooming ...

November 27th, 10:09 GMT

turtle.io 3.1.7

A Web server created in Node.js

November 27th, 09:57 GMT

Apache Xalan Java 2.7.2

A Java library for carrying out XML document transformations using XSLT stylesheets, converting th...

November 27th, 09:45 GMT

Jet Zoom 1.1 Rev 1406062037

A commercial jQuery plugin for zooming photo thumbnails right inside their own frame, when hoverin...

November 27th, 09:16 GMT

Killer Carousel 1.2 Rev 1406101350

A commercial jQuery plugin for building image carousels (sliders) that rotate their images in a ci...

November 27th, 08:07 GMT
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