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A JavaScript library for plotting time series data, with support for wide variety of cha...


Some of the source code that runs The Pirate Bay website, easy to install on your servers and have a Pirate Bay copy running loc...

Kiwi IRC

A self-hosted IRC client that will allow developers to run an IRC chat on their site, le...

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Clash between cyber-spying and the defense companies

A Safe Mobile Device Starts with Its Owner

Sticking to official distributions is a safer alternative

The Weak Link in the Chain

Third-party components are also a responsibility

Anthem Data Breach - State Sponsored Attack or Cybercriminal Heist

An encrypted state of data couldn't have changed the outcome

Email Scams Are a Very Lucrative Business

Businesses should double check wire transfer requests

Sony Hack: FBI's Conclusion Can Still Be Disputed

Sony hackers may be authors of a masterfully staged attack

Here's Why Google Can't Completely Fight Against Celebgate or Piracy

Removing a link doesn't make the content go away and blacklisting a domain doesn't mean another won't pop up

Why Google Becoming an Internet Provider Is a Good Idea

Google's intention to go into Wireless Internet could have a great impact on the Internet Service Providers in the US


  • CMS

Cody CMS 3.3.3

A top of the line CMS (Content Management System) built to run on top of MySQL and the Node.js ser...

March 28th, 17:49 GMT

humps 0.5.1

A lightweight and easy to use JavaScript library for converting text from underscore formatting to...

March 28th, 16:40 GMT

Horsey 2.1.1

An automcomplete component that can be attached to any input field and provide real-time suggestio...

March 28th, 15:26 GMT


A complex JavaScript library for working with color domains

March 28th, 12:34 GMT

Converse.js 0.9.1

A XMPP chat client written in JavaScript, allowing you to easily embed it with any of your project...

March 28th, 11:26 GMT

Metalsmith 1.4.5

A static site generator for the Node.js platform, working on top of a series of plugins that put t...

March 28th, 11:09 GMT

Trumbowyg 1.1.7 / 2.0.0-beta.1

A WYSIWYG editor working on top of jQuery and the HTML5 contentEditable feature, extremely easy to...

March 28th, 09:13 GMT

waitMe 1.11

A jQuery plugin for overlaying and showing a CSS 3 loading indicator every time there needs to be ...

March 28th, 05:56 GMT

pagePiling.js 1.4

A jQuery plugin for creating a fullscreen scrolling single-page website, piling site sections one ...

March 28th, 05:45 GMT

Web Font Loader 1.5.15

A JavaScript library that gives developers more control over how fonts are loaded in their project...

March 28th, 04:12 GMT

boxxy 0.2.2

A JavaScript library that allows developers to implement layout panels that can be resized and mov...

March 28th, 03:41 GMT

Emscripten 1.30.0

A fully-working LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler that has revolutionized JavaScript development by allo...

March 28th, 01:57 GMT

StealJS 0.7.4

This is a collection of command line and client based JavaScript tools for make building, packagin...

March 28th, 01:33 GMT
  • AJAX

najax 0.2.0

A library to improve AJAX with Node.js

March 28th, 00:25 GMT

Dox 0.7.0

An easy to use JavaScript documentation generator for the Node.js platform, built to work on top o...

March 27th, 22:44 GMT


A CSS frontend framework developed following Google's famous Material Design guidelines, an ideology for building beautiful Web and mobile projects

Jssor Slider

Create a wide range of image slideshow types, from basic carousels, to thumbnail sliders, to full-width image galleries and even tabbed panels
Jssor Slider


Some of the source code that runs The Pirate Bay website, easy to install on your servers and have a Pirate Bay copy running locally

Kiwi IRC

A self-hosted IRC client that will allow developers to run an IRC chat on their site, letting users connect and have conversations on any channel they wish
Kiwi IRC


A Node.js application for running a Pastebin clone on your own server, easily adding and sharing text and code snippets with your friends

GNU social

An open source social networking portal, a simple to setup micro-blogging platform (Twitter clone) formerly known as StatusNet and Laconica
GNU social


A fully-functional source code hosting platform working on Git, an advanced GitHub clone coded in Google's Go programming language


A JavaScript platform for developing modern Web applications, created specifically to cut down development time and help out new developers


A JavaScript library provided by Segment.io for loading analytics code on a page, in a simpler way, with just a few lines of code


A jQuery plugin for building side-scrolling image and content sliders, allowing developers to feature and rotate content on a page


An e-commerce toolkit for building online stores on top of the Python Django MVC framework, complete with a fully-functional store backend

Open PostgreSQL Monitoring

A Web application for keeping an eye on your PostgreSQL servers, monitoring their activity, showing various usage graphs, and getting notified when something goes wrong
Open PostgreSQL Monitoring

Unyson Framework

A state of the art theme framework for the WordPress platform, created by the team at ThemeFuse, one of the best WP theme builders around
Unyson Framework

Php Reports

A PHP framework for building Web applications for processing and displaying reports and statistics from any type of data sources
Php Reports


A jQuery plugin for adding customized PayPal Buy Now, Donate, and Subscribe buttons to your Web projects with only a few lines of code
% discount
  • Meteor
  • Analytics.js
  • Skippr
  • Oscar
  • Open PostgreSQL Monitoring
  • Unyson Framework
  • Php Reports
  • ClassyPaypal
  • Materialize
  • Jssor Slider
  • OpenBay
  • Kiwi IRC
  • Haste
  • GNU social
  • Gogs

Analytics.js 2.8.2

A JavaScript library provided by Segment.io for loading analytics code on a page, in a simpler way...

March 27th, 21:06 GMT

Lo-Dash 3.6.0

A library for enhancing Underscore.js with extra new features

March 27th, 20:32 GMT

iWebPP.io 2.1.7

Use Node.js as a P2P server

March 27th, 20:22 GMT

pageres 1.2.2

A Node.js utility to take screenshots of one or more Web pages at various resolutions, saving them...

March 27th, 19:05 GMT

HubPress 0.2.0

A static site generator that can help you create and run a blog on top of a GitHub account, using ...

March 27th, 18:55 GMT

CATJS 0.4.83

A powerful automation framework, a tool for simulating user interactions that works with both mobi...

March 27th, 18:22 GMT

Prerender 3.15.0

A service that will help you pre-render JavaScript applications so they can be crawled and indexed...

March 27th, 18:10 GMT

JogDial.js 1.0

Create jog dial controls and put them on your Web pages, working just like in the real world and l...

March 27th, 17:56 GMT

Franc 1.0.1

A JavaScript library for analyzing and detecting a piece of text's language, working without using...

March 27th, 16:59 GMT

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Intence 1.1.1

A new way of showing scrolling progress without using the classic bar display on the side of a con...

March 27th, 16:41 GMT

GitBook 2.0.0

A Node.js command line application for generating books in various formats from Markdown files, al...

March 27th, 16:20 GMT

dna.js 0.3.7

A powerful DOM templating engine for the jQuery JavaScript framework, with support for dynamic tem...

March 27th, 15:27 GMT

Dragscroll 0.0.4

Grab a scrollable element's background and move it around with your mouse to scroll it vertically,...

March 27th, 15:16 GMT

Handlebars 3.0.1

A minimal JavaScript semantic template engine, simplifying the way developers build and assemble M...

March 27th, 14:34 GMT
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