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A complex tool for analyzing the speed and performance of a Web page, complete with very...

Multiple Select

A jQuery plugin for beautifying multiple selection lists, converting them into a dropdown select list with checkboxes next to ea...


A responsive frontend framework for building beautiful UIs with the help of open technol...

script of the day

Volatile Cedar Cyber Spying Op May Not Be the Work of a Foreign Country

Campaign focused on intelligence gathering since 2012

Security Companies and Government Intelligence

Clash between cyber-spying and the defense companies

A Safe Mobile Device Starts with Its Owner

Sticking to official distributions is a safer alternative

The Weak Link in the Chain

Third-party components are also a responsibility

Anthem Data Breach - State Sponsored Attack or Cybercriminal Heist

An encrypted state of data couldn't have changed the outcome

Email Scams Are a Very Lucrative Business

Businesses should double check wire transfer requests

Sony Hack: FBI's Conclusion Can Still Be Disputed

Sony hackers may be authors of a masterfully staged attack

Here's Why Google Can't Completely Fight Against Celebgate or Piracy

Removing a link doesn't make the content go away and blacklisting a domain doesn't mean another won't pop up


BigBlueButton 0.81 / 0.9.0-RC

This is an open source web conferencing system for distance education, business meetings and more

April 20th, 18:03 GMT


A multi-functional Flash plugin that will allow developers to live broadcast video streams in the ...

April 16th, 06:38 GMT

Flash LED Horizontal Text Marquee AS3

Scroll text content horizontally across the screen using this lightweight Flash component that mim...

April 10th, 14:09 GMT

Tooltip v2

A commercial Flash component for producing tooltips that can easily be integrated in every other F...

April 2nd, 15:00 GMT

News Box

A Flash component for reading news from a XML file and then featuring them online as a news ticker...

April 2nd, 14:31 GMT

Image Vertical Menu

A Flash and XML-driven vertical menu system that can be used for navigating to external URLs or fo...

March 31st, 14:01 GMT

FusionCharts 3.7.0

This is a Flash suite for creating eye-catching animated charts

March 29th, 08:10 GMT

Image Explorer

A Flash component that uses a classic directory structure to provide an unique way of showcasing p...

March 26th, 15:20 GMT

Horizontal Scroller

A Flash component for showing and scrolling a series of photo thumbnails using a horizontal strip,...

March 26th, 15:19 GMT

Vertical Scroller

A Flash component for displaying and navigating a series of photo thumbnails using a vertical stri...

March 26th, 15:18 GMT

2 Levels XML Menu Purple

A multi-level Flash menu designed to work together with a XML configuration file, presenting secon...

March 26th, 15:08 GMT

XML News Ticker White

A Flash component for showing a news ticker, rotating important headlines and news stories inside ...

March 26th, 15:08 GMT

Vertical Scrolling Menu

A basic Flash menu that can be used in a vertical format inside sidebar sections, or pulled from o...

March 26th, 15:08 GMT

Easy Image Gallery Horizontal

A Flash component for displaying pictures online with the help of a vertical thumbnail slider, sim...

March 26th, 15:05 GMT

DateTime Widget Web 2.0

A Flash component that only finds beautiful ways of displaying dates and times, ideal for usage wi...

March 26th, 15:05 GMT


A WYSIWYG editor complete with a wide range of editing controls, no external dependencies, and working via the HTML5 contenteditable feature

Kiwi IRC

A self-hosted IRC client that will allow developers to run an IRC chat on their site, letting users connect and have conversations on any channel they wish
Kiwi IRC


A Node.js application for running a Pastebin clone on your own server, easily adding and sharing text and code snippets with your friends

GNU social

An open source social networking portal, a simple to setup micro-blogging platform (Twitter clone) formerly known as StatusNet and Laconica
GNU social


A fully-functional source code hosting platform working on Git, an advanced GitHub clone coded in Google's Go programming language


Create social networks and online portals with the help of HumHub, an open source platform for building community-centered websites

ezStats for Battlefield Hardline

A PHP-based leaderboard script for Battlefield Hardline gamers, providing gaming statistics for clan mates and all your in-game friends
ezStats for Battlefield Hardline


A responsive jQuery image slideshow tool

Anchor CMS

A super lightweight PHP-driven content management system (CMS)
Anchor CMS


A website/documentation generator that compiles Web pages from a list of static Markdown files, aiding developers create help pages for their projects

Open PostgreSQL Monitoring

A Web application for keeping an eye on your PostgreSQL servers, monitoring their activity, showing various usage graphs, and getting notified when something goes wrong
Open PostgreSQL Monitoring


A professional, top of the line CRM application coded in PHP and capable of running on MySQL, MariaDB, and SQL Server databases


A jQuery plugin for adding customized PayPal Buy Now, Donate, and Subscribe buttons to your Web projects with only a few lines of code


A CSS frontend framework developed following Google's famous Material Design guidelines, an ideology for building beautiful Web and mobile projects


Some of the source code that runs The Pirate Bay website, easy to install on your servers and have a Pirate Bay copy running locally
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  • FlexSlider
  • Anchor CMS
  • Flatdoc
  • Open PostgreSQL Monitoring
  • SuiteCRM
  • ClassyPaypal
  • Materialize
  • OpenBay
  • wysiwyg.js
  • Kiwi IRC
  • Haste
  • GNU social
  • Gogs
  • HumHub
  • ezStats for Battlefield Hardline

White XML News Reader

A Flash component for adding a news reader widget to your site, rotating through multiple stories ...

March 26th, 15:02 GMT

Image Panning 2.0

Pan an image or a SWF file using the mouse cursor's movements, moving the image opposite the curso...

March 26th, 14:52 GMT

Image Folio 2.0

A Flash and XML-driven image portfolio, fully-customizable and ready to be used as a way to rotate...

March 26th, 14:52 GMT

Tab Gallery

A Flash gallery that has support for JPG, GIF, PNG image viewing and for FLV video file playback, ...

March 26th, 14:19 GMT

Feathers 2.1.1

A collection of UI components for Flash, allowing developers to easily setup user interfaces using...

March 12th, 22:25 GMT

Flash Digital Clock AS3 02

A small Flash digital clock that displays the user's local time along with his computer's date, al...

March 5th, 10:55 GMT

MouseGesture 1.0

An ActionScript 3 class for recognizing mouse gestures, useful when trying to draw letters and var...

March 3rd, 10:39 GMT

3D Motion Flow

A simple and easy to implement Flash and XML gallery component that shows photos as animated thumb...

March 1st, 02:04 GMT
  • Video

JW Player 6.12

A Flash and HTML 5 video player for the web

February 27th, 14:01 GMT

live downloads


Kernel Team Video Player 5.5.7

A free Flash video player for playing video files online, working locally from the same domain or ...

February 11th, 15:08 GMT


A very basic, bare-bones Flash video player that can be controlled through Flash variables, JavaSc...

February 6th, 11:20 GMT

Webcam Video Recorder Software

A commercial solution for recording webcam video feeds, saving them on a server somewhere online, ...

February 5th, 15:18 GMT

Starling 1.6

A powerful Flash-based game engine

December 15th, 10:31 GMT

Grid Slider Click

A Flash & XML image slider, a tool that can easily be embedded on any site and help the developer ...

December 10th, 21:12 GMT
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