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A Python script for that can be used to monitor all kinds of local or remote server para...


A CSS framework to provide printer-friendly stylesheets, allowing your users to send a Web page to a printer with settings optim...

Figlet JS

A JavaScript utility for converting text to beautiful ASCII character art, available as ...

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The Weak Link in the Chain

Third-party components are also a responsibility

Anthem Data Breach - State Sponsored Attack or Cybercriminal Heist

An encrypted state of data couldn't have changed the outcome

Email Scams Are a Very Lucrative Business

Businesses should double check wire transfer requests

Sony Hack: FBI's Conclusion Can Still Be Disputed

Sony hackers may be authors of a masterfully staged attack

Here's Why Google Can't Completely Fight Against Celebgate or Piracy

Removing a link doesn't make the content go away and blacklisting a domain doesn't mean another won't pop up

Why Google Becoming an Internet Provider Is a Good Idea

Google's intention to go into Wireless Internet could have a great impact on the Internet Service Providers in the US

It's Not Google's Place to Police the Internet

Celebgate lawyer threatened Google with lawsuit for not taking it upon itself to remove naked pictures


Presto 0.96

A distributed SQL query engine, developed and used by Facebook itself, perfect for querying large ...

March 2nd, 21:27 GMT

Spring Security 3.2.6 / 4.0.0.RC2

A Java framework for providing powerful and flexible security solutions in enterprise applications...

March 2nd, 10:34 GMT

Spring Boot 1.2.2

A toolkit that lets developers create a project boilerplate structure for applications running on ...

March 2nd, 10:22 GMT

ZXing 3.2.0

A Java library for processing bar code images

March 2nd, 06:34 GMT

XWiki 6.4.2 / 7.0 Milestone 1

A professional wiki platform written in Java, coming packed with lots of enterprise-level features...

March 1st, 11:07 GMT

DSpace 5.1

A open source Java toolkit for managing digital assets, documents, files, and any other kind of re...

March 1st, 09:57 GMT

Apache MRQL 0.9.4

A tool developed by Apache to help out with query processing and optimization for large-scale, dis...

March 1st, 05:58 GMT

AWS SDK for Android 2.1.10

The official Amazon Web Services SDK for Android, a set of Java tools for integrating apps and web...

February 28th, 15:42 GMT

AWS SDK for Java 1.9.22

The official Amazon Web Services SDK for Java, a set of libraries for integrating applications and...

February 28th, 15:25 GMT

Apache Log4j 2.2

An unofficial standard when it comes to logging Java applications, a library used by all Java prog...

February 28th, 13:12 GMT

SearchBlox 8.1.5

A Java search engine built on technologies like Apache Lucene and ElasticSearch, also fitted with ...

February 28th, 12:27 GMT

Jetty 9.2.9

An open-source, standards-based, full-featured web server implemented in Java

February 28th, 10:40 GMT

Orion 8.0

An open source platform for code hosting, editing and project management, complete with Git integr...

February 28th, 10:28 GMT

Apache Isis 1.8.0

A full-stack framework created by the Apache Foundation to help in rapidly creating domain-driven ...

February 28th, 08:28 GMT

Liferay Portal 6.2.2 / 7.0.0 M4

A popular open source Java enterprise portal solution for intranet or extranet solutions

February 28th, 08:10 GMT


An open source project management application that can be used to help a team of people organize a set of activities and follow up on their development

CRUD Admin Generator

A PHP application that can generate a user-friendly dashboard for adding, reading, editing, and deleting data from a MySQL database
CRUD Admin Generator


A jQuery plugin for adding customized PayPal Buy Now, Donate, and Subscribe buttons to your Web projects with only a few lines of code


A CSS frontend framework developed following Google's famous Material Design guidelines, an ideology for building beautiful Web and mobile projects

Jssor Slider

Create a wide range of image slideshow types, from basic carousels, to thumbnail sliders, to full-width image galleries and even tabbed panels
Jssor Slider


Some of the source code that runs The Pirate Bay website, easy to install on your servers and have a Pirate Bay copy running locally


A Node.js application for running a Pastebin clone on your own server, easily adding and sharing text and code snippets with your friends

JW Player

A Flash and HTML 5 video player for the web
JW Player


A powerful content management system (CMS) for the ASP.NET development platform


A SVG animation engine, a powerful tool for creating scalable, interactive animations and effects that utilize vectors instead of bitmap graphics


A beautiful tool that allows developers to manage and edit their coding projects via the browser, a fully-customizable Web-based IDE


A content management system built for Python and Django websites, featuring an unique way of editing and arranging content on a page


An e-commerce toolkit for building online stores on top of the Python Django MVC framework, complete with a fully-functional store backend


A Web-based, mobile-friendly, and self-hosted IRC client that will allow you to connect and have conversations on any IRC channel you want

Unyson Framework

A state of the art theme framework for the WordPress platform, created by the team at ThemeFuse, one of the best WP theme builders around
Unyson Framework
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JW Player
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  • ICEcoder
  • Widgy
  • Oscar
  • Shout
  • Unyson Framework
  • Taiga
  • CRUD Admin Generator
  • ClassyPaypal
  • Materialize
  • Jssor Slider
  • OpenBay
  • Haste

Apache HBase 1.0.0

The database environment for the Apache Hadoop suite, providing a database engine capable of stori...

February 27th, 21:43 GMT

Agilefant 3.5.3

A Java, Web-based backlog management tool which brings together the advantages of long-term planni...

February 27th, 17:52 GMT

Zanata 3.6.0

A Java Web based translations manager

February 27th, 17:40 GMT

Apache Parquet 2.3.0

An Apache project that provides a database storage format optimized for large data entries, used r...

February 27th, 08:06 GMT

Apache Commons DBCP 2.1

An open source Java library for supporting database connection pooling, a technique for improving ...

February 27th, 00:46 GMT

PrimeFaces 5.1.12 / 5.1

A large collection of JSF components, complete with over 100 modules and widgets to use when devel...

February 26th, 14:02 GMT

Apache Tomcat 8.0.20 / 7.0.59 / 6.0.43

An open source Web server for running Java Web software, implementing the official Java Servlet an...

February 25th, 11:53 GMT

Hystrix 1.3.20 / 1.4.0-RC9

A Java library from Netflix to help with latency and fault tolerance

February 25th, 07:03 GMT

Spring Framework 4.1.5 / 3.2.13

One of the best open source MVC frameworks in the Java community, a lightweight, powerful, layered...

February 24th, 20:16 GMT

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JBoss Tools 4.2.2 / 4.3.0 Alpha1

A set of plugins for Eclipse that support various JBoss technologies

February 24th, 15:54 GMT

Spark 2.1

A Java framework that focuses on Web development, speed, and extensibility, modeled after the high...

February 24th, 14:55 GMT

Unirest (Java) 1.4.5

A Java library for manipulating HTTP requests and responses

February 24th, 09:10 GMT

Google App Engine SDK for Java 1.9.18

A Google App Engine SDK for Java developers, allowing them to run their Web applications on top of...

February 24th, 03:47 GMT

OrientDB 2.0.3

A renowned NoSQL document database, light, portable and fast, suitable for large scale application...

February 23rd, 22:35 GMT
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