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jQuery Facebook Login

A jQuery plugin for adding a Facebook login system on your site, allowing users to authe...

Revive Adserver

An open source advertising server, a powerful, fully-customizable platform for managing ads, banners, campaigns, and advertising...


A questions and answers forum written in Python, providing a self-hosted, open source al...

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Volatile Cedar Cyber Spying Op May Not Be the Work of a Foreign Country

Campaign focused on intelligence gathering since 2012

Security Companies and Government Intelligence

Clash between cyber-spying and the defense companies

A Safe Mobile Device Starts with Its Owner

Sticking to official distributions is a safer alternative

The Weak Link in the Chain

Third-party components are also a responsibility

Anthem Data Breach - State Sponsored Attack or Cybercriminal Heist

An encrypted state of data couldn't have changed the outcome

Email Scams Are a Very Lucrative Business

Businesses should double check wire transfer requests

Sony Hack: FBI's Conclusion Can Still Be Disputed

Sony hackers may be authors of a masterfully staged attack

Here's Why Google Can't Completely Fight Against Celebgate or Piracy

Removing a link doesn't make the content go away and blacklisting a domain doesn't mean another won't pop up


ViewerJS 0.5.7

Easily embed OpenOffice and PDF files in Web pages with the help of one single JavaScript library ...

April 25th, 12:15 GMT

InfluxDB 0.8.8 / 0.9.0-rc27

A database engine specifically created to handle time-series data, real-time analytics or large sc...

April 25th, 12:03 GMT

Apache Cordova 5.0.0

A large collection of JavaScript APIs that allow app developers to access native mobile device fun...

April 25th, 11:58 GMT

WordPress Store Locator 3.53

A WordPress plugin for mapping, displaying and searching store and business locations

April 25th, 11:44 GMT

Deployd 0.8.2

A platform for building application backends and real-time APIs, enabling a simple way to create a...

April 25th, 11:04 GMT

Zip Code Lookups 1.1.0

Make ZIP code look-ups with Node.js

April 25th, 10:47 GMT

MongoDB Python Driver (PyMongo) 3.0.1

A Python driver for the MongoDB database, a tiny tool that allows developers to interconnect Pytho...

April 25th, 10:37 GMT

Bulk Password Reset 1.2.1

This WordPress plugin resets the password for all users registered on a site

April 25th, 10:26 GMT


An open source PHP MVC micro-framework that can help developers out when deploying new projects, p...

April 25th, 10:16 GMT

CaseBox 1.9.421

A PHP DMS (Documents Management System) that you can run on your own servers and let your team edi...

April 25th, 09:54 GMT

Slideout.js 0.1.7

Show hidden menus that slide-out from the side of the page, ideal for with responsive websites and...

April 25th, 09:29 GMT

Fluentd 0.12.8

A Ruby-based log collector, a versatile and technology agnostic tool for collecting logs in a cent...

April 25th, 09:15 GMT

Gallery Bank 3.0.112

A powerful WordPress plugin for building, managing and publishing image and video galleries via th...

April 25th, 08:58 GMT

pycparser 2.12

This is a parser for the C language, written in Python

April 25th, 08:43 GMT

DateTimePicker 2.4.3

A lightweight jQuery plugin that combines date and time pickers together for an quicker way to sel...

April 25th, 08:29 GMT

Kiwi IRC

A self-hosted IRC client that will allow developers to run an IRC chat on their site, letting users connect and have conversations on any channel they wish
Kiwi IRC


A Node.js application for running a Pastebin clone on your own server, easily adding and sharing text and code snippets with your friends

GNU social

An open source social networking portal, a simple to setup micro-blogging platform (Twitter clone) formerly known as StatusNet and Laconica
GNU social


A fully-functional source code hosting platform working on Git, an advanced GitHub clone coded in Google's Go programming language


A mobile advertising server specialized in showing various types of ads organized in different campaigns on mobile and tablet devices


Create social networks and online portals with the help of HumHub, an open source platform for building community-centered websites

ezStats for Battlefield Hardline

A PHP-based leaderboard script for Battlefield Hardline gamers, providing gaming statistics for clan mates and all your in-game friends
ezStats for Battlefield Hardline

Anchor CMS

A super lightweight PHP-driven content management system (CMS)
Anchor CMS


A Python tool for helping with translations and multi-lingual support, created to help programmers developing their projects via Git

Team Password Manager

A Web-based application written in PHP that uses a MySQL database to store sensitive data about user accounts, passwords and password policies
Team Password Manager


A website/documentation generator that compiles Web pages from a list of static Markdown files, aiding developers create help pages for their projects


An advanced and enterprise-ready portal for running an educational institute's website, tailored specifically for powering a college's homepage


A professional, top of the line CRM application coded in PHP and capable of running on MySQL, MariaDB, and SQL Server databases


A CSS frontend framework developed following Google's famous Material Design guidelines, an ideology for building beautiful Web and mobile projects


A WYSIWYG editor complete with a wide range of editing controls, no external dependencies, and working via the HTML5 contenteditable feature
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Anchor CMS
  • Anchor CMS
  • Weblate
  • Team Password Manager
  • Flatdoc
  • EduSec
  • SuiteCRM
  • Materialize
  • wysiwyg.js
  • Kiwi IRC
  • Haste
  • GNU social
  • Gogs
  • mAdserve
  • HumHub
  • ezStats for Battlefield Hardline

WP-CRM 0.36.5

A CRM (customer relations management) plugin for the WordPress platform

April 25th, 08:21 GMT

asimov.js 1.3.1

A full-stack development utility aiming at changing the way developers create and manage applicati...

April 25th, 07:56 GMT

WP RSS Aggregator 4.7.1

A WordPress plugin for aggregating and embedding a list of RSS feeds, printing them all together i...

April 25th, 07:29 GMT

RestFB 1.10.1

A powerful Java library for the Facebook API

April 25th, 07:18 GMT

Byteman 2.2.2

A Java tool supporting the injection bytecode into Java programs for the purpose of tracing and te...

April 25th, 06:54 GMT

UpiCRM 1.7.1

A CRM plugin for the WordPress platform, letting administrators manage business leads and inquirie...

April 25th, 06:16 GMT

Image Map Resizer 0.5.4

Support proper responsive image maps with link hotspots that resize along with the image, ideal fo...

April 25th, 06:03 GMT

BridgeDD 1.3.7

A WordPress plugin implementing a bridge between WordPress installations and phpBB3 forums, allowi...

April 25th, 05:48 GMT

Crate 0.48.2

A powerful database engine designed for storing huge quantities of data, being able to easily sear...

April 25th, 05:42 GMT

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Angular Material Design 0.8.3 / 0.9.0-rc2

A frontend UI framework for the AngularJS JavaScript framework, created on top of Google's Materia...

April 25th, 05:30 GMT

CM Answers 2.6.4

A WordPress plugin for creating a Q&A site, just like StackOverflow, but completely run right from...

April 25th, 05:04 GMT

Vue.js 0.11.8

A powerful MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) JavaScript framework, created specifically for building int...

April 25th, 04:35 GMT

jQuery DataSaver 0.1.2

A jQuery plugin that saves the data a user entered in a form to his local computer (via WebStorage...

April 25th, 04:23 GMT

urllib3 1.10.3

A Python library for working with HTTP connections, with special support for thread-safe connectio...

April 25th, 04:08 GMT
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