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Anuko Time Tracker

A fully-featured time-tracking application for keeping records on who and how much team ...


A PHP & MySQL script for managing user memberships, complete with registration, login, public commenting, and private messaging ...


A jQuery plugin for beautifying YouTube video embeds by removing the video player interf...

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Here's Why Google Can't Completely Fight Against Celebgate or Piracy

Removing a link doesn't make the content go away and blacklisting a domain doesn't mean another won't pop up

Why Google Becoming an Internet Provider Is a Good Idea

Google's intention to go into Wireless Internet could have a great impact on the Internet Service Providers in the US

It's Not Google's Place to Police the Internet

Celebgate lawyer threatened Google with lawsuit for not taking it upon itself to remove naked pictures

The Comcast and TWC Merger – A Joke Played on the American People

Zero competition means people have slow Internet speeds, high prices and no alternatives to choose from

Here's Why I Delete People on Facebook on Their Birthdays

It may not be the best birthday gift in the world, but we just don't know each other all that well


CoffeeScript 1.9.0

A programming language that compiles into JavaScript

February 1st, 16:30 GMT

node-cgi 0.3.1

A powerful CGI adaptor for the Node.js server-side JavaScript platform, allowing developers to cal...

February 1st, 16:09 GMT

Hexo 2.8.3 / 3.0.0-rc.2

A powerful blogging engine for Node.js, working just like any other static site compiler, taking c...

February 1st, 15:52 GMT

RS FeedBurner 1.4.2

A WordPress plugin that integrates your local post and comment RSS feeds with a FeedBurner account...

February 1st, 15:41 GMT

Lo-Dash 3.0.1

A library for enhancing Underscore.js with extra new features

February 1st, 15:07 GMT

Zable 4.1.1

A small CMS developed specifically for managing mobile versions of your site, complete with an ful...

February 1st, 14:48 GMT

Data Generator Script 3.2.0

A free, open source script written in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL that lets developers quickly gener...

February 1st, 14:32 GMT

Custom Contact Forms 6.3.5

A plugin for handling and displaying custom web forms in WordPress

February 1st, 14:03 GMT
  • CMS

ImpressPages CMS 4.5.1

A PHP CMS (content management system) created around the idea of editing content right where it st...

February 1st, 13:50 GMT

WebSite-PHP 1.2.11

A fully OOP PHP framework

February 1st, 13:36 GMT

CubeCart 5.2.16 / 6.0.0b4

An e-commerce platform written with PHP & MySQL

February 1st, 13:25 GMT

Captcha Bank 2.1.7

A WordPress plugin for protecting the site against form spam and automated bots, helping improve s...

February 1st, 12:29 GMT

Teiid 8.9.1 / 8.10 Beta 2

A data virtualization system that allows applications to use data from multiple, heterogenous data...

February 1st, 12:19 GMT

Superstatic 2.0.2

A Node.js-based Web server created specifically for hosting static files, successfully used in pro...

February 1st, 12:03 GMT

Tiny Scrollbar 2.4.0

This is a jQuery-driven scroll bar, for navigating big content

February 1st, 11:57 GMT


An e-commerce toolkit for building online stores on top of the Python Django MVC framework, complete with a fully-functional store backend


A Web-based, mobile-friendly, and self-hosted IRC client that will allow you to connect and have conversations on any IRC channel you want

Unyson Framework

A state of the art theme framework for the WordPress platform, created by the team at ThemeFuse, one of the best WP theme builders around
Unyson Framework


An open source project management application that can be used to help a team of people organize a set of activities and follow up on their development

CRUD Admin Generator

A PHP application that can generate a user-friendly dashboard for adding, reading, editing, and deleting data from a MySQL database
CRUD Admin Generator


A CSS frontend framework developed following Google's famous Material Design guidelines, an ideology for building beautiful Web and mobile projects

Jssor Slider

Create a wide range of image slideshow types, from basic carousels, to thumbnail sliders, to full-width image galleries and even tabbed panels
Jssor Slider

Fast Secure Contact Form (PHP Script)

An open source PHP script that allows webmasters to easily create custom contact forms and then add them to any Web page they wish
Fast Secure Contact Form (PHP Script)


A very basic, yet very very powerful modal image viewer, a beautiful photo gallery that works both on desktop and on mobile devices


An e-commerce plugin for WordPress


A real-time mobile analytics platform


A content management system written for PHP and SQLite environments

Feng Office

A Web-based project management toolkit
Feng Office

Windu CMS

A professional PHP-based CMS available under a free and commercial license alike, capable of working with an SQLite or MySQL database
Windu CMS


A content management system built for Python and Django websites, featuring an unique way of editing and arranging content on a page
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Fast Secure Contact Form (PHP Script)
  • Fast Secure Contact Form (PHP Script)
  • PhotoSwipe
  • Jigoshop
  • Countly
  • VozCMS
  • Feng Office
  • Windu CMS
  • Widgy
  • Oscar
  • Shout
  • Unyson Framework
  • Taiga
  • CRUD Admin Generator
  • Materialize
  • Jssor Slider

Opal 0.6.3 / 0.7.0.rc1

A Ruby to JavaScript compiler

February 1st, 11:06 GMT

Analytics.js 2.5.13

A JavaScript library provided by Segment.io for loading analytics code on a page, in a simpler way...

February 1st, 10:54 GMT

Waypoints 3.1.1

A small JavaScript library to execute a function whenever scrolling to an element

February 1st, 10:37 GMT

BridgeDD 1.3.5

A WordPress plugin implementing a bridge between WordPress installations and phpBB3 forums, allowi...

February 1st, 10:25 GMT

imgix.js 1.0.14

A JavaScript library for supporting responsive images on your site, utilizing the power of the img...

February 1st, 09:59 GMT

basicModal 2.0.3

A jQuery plugin providing a modern dialog system, working as a replacement for the built-in JavaSc...

February 1st, 09:43 GMT
  • CMS

MODx Revolution 2.3.3-pl

The next generation of the MODx platform, an open source PHP application framework and CMS for cre...

February 1st, 09:02 GMT

WP Clean Up Optimizer 2.0.21

A WordPress plugin to clean and remove old, orphaned, unused and obsolete data from your WordPress...

February 1st, 08:41 GMT

Appier 0.8.23

A small OOP framework for the Python programming language, specifically built for helping develope...

February 1st, 08:23 GMT

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RIOT.js 2.0.7

A client-side Model-View-Presenter (MVP) framework for JavaScript, perfect for building large-scal...

February 1st, 08:09 GMT

PayPal .NET SDK 1.3.0

A C# library for PayPal's HTTP REST API

February 1st, 07:56 GMT

Speed Booster Pack 2.7

A top of the line WordPress plugin that comes packed with numerous settings and options for improv...

February 1st, 07:37 GMT

M8tro Bootstrap 3.3.2+2

A fully-working version of the Bootstrap framework ported to use Microsoft's Metro (now known as M...

February 1st, 07:06 GMT

ECharts 2.2.0

A powerful JavaScript charting toolkit, supporting lots of graph types, chart skins, legend fields...

February 1st, 06:58 GMT
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