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Apache Cassandra 2.2.2 / 1.2.19 / 3.0.0-rc1

A highly scalable, consistent, fault-tolerant, distributed, structured key-value store NoSQL datab...

Oct 7th 2015, 06:16 GMT

Apache Spark 1.5.1

A cluster computing system for fast data analysis, specifically created to deal with large data se...

Oct 5th 2015, 07:58 GMT

Apache Calcite 1.4.0

A data management framework for Java applications and Apache Hadoop, making data stored in any for...

Oct 5th 2015, 02:30 GMT

SearchBlox 8.3

A Java search engine built on technologies like Apache Lucene and ElasticSearch, also fitted with ...

Oct 3rd 2015, 10:23 GMT

Apache Solr 5.3.1 / 4.10.4 / 3.6.2

An open source, enterprise-level search server based on the Apache Lucene Java search library, cap...

Oct 2nd 2015, 18:32 GMT

Apache Lucene 5.3.1 / 4.10.4 / 3.6.2

A Java search engine that provides indexing and searching technology for your app, along with spel...

Oct 2nd 2015, 17:40 GMT

Apache Cordova 5.3.3

A large collection of JavaScript APIs that allow app developers to access native mobile device fun...

Oct 2nd 2015, 16:35 GMT

ngCordova 0.1.20-alpha

A collection of AngularJS extensions for Apache Cordova (the PhoneGap core) that simplifies develo...

Sep 28th 2015, 00:02 GMT

Apache Bigtop 1.0.0

An Apache project that aims at helping developers in creating packaging, virtualization and testin...

Sep 25th 2015, 08:57 GMT

Apache Sentry 1.6.0

A powerful system developed at the Apache Foundation to support and enforce a fine grained role ba...

Sep 25th 2015, 03:57 GMT

Apache Curator 2.9.0

A collection of modules, extensions and side libraries for the Apache ZooKeeper project, a service...

Sep 25th 2015, 02:49 GMT

Apache Groovy 2.4.5

A dynamic language for the Java EE platform

Sep 23rd 2015, 05:28 GMT

Apache Storm 0.10.0

A Java technology for supporting distributed computation systems, allowing developers to process l...

Sep 20th 2015, 06:13 GMT

Apache Kafka

A distributed publish-subscribe (Pub/sub) messaging system, ideal for broadcasting and processing ...

Sep 20th 2015, 05:44 GMT


A Ruby application for providing insightful details and statistics about how a PostgreSQL database is currently running and how it's being used by its owners

MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards

A professional WordPress plugin for managing a sports team's schedule and game results, suitable for various sport types not just American football
MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards


A frontend UI framework created on top of AngularJS and Google's Material Design specification, suitable for both mobile and desktop applications

Social Share Kit

A JavaScript library for building social sharing widgets, supporting responsive layouts, mobile devices, and easy customizations
Social Share Kit


A source code hosting platform for managing Web projects together with your team, built on top of Ruby on Rails, Git, Redis, and MySQL (or PostgreSQL)


A free antivirus scanning framework written in Python that can be used to build your own, self-hosted version of Google's VirusTotal service


A flat-file PHP CMS that makes it very easy to install and run a website without complicating your life with a bulky database engine


A PHP library for dealing with errors in the code, allowing developers to quickly fix any problems with the help of lots of in-depth debug information

Agni CMS

A powerful PHP content management system (CMS) built on top of the CodeIgniter framework for building and managing websites via a GUI
Agni CMS

Google App Engine SDK for PHP

A Google App Engine SDK for PHP developers, allowing them to run their Web applications on top of Google's powerful infrastructure
Google App Engine SDK for PHP


A powerful, open-source CMS and content framework, built to run on the Erlang programming language, built to provide increased speed and security

Tally Bro

A pretty simple Web-based utility for keeping track of a multi-player scoring game, allowing users to add or remove a player's grade
Tally Bro


A PHP script for running your own links directory, a basic Digg, Delicious, Reddit, or HackerNews clone to run on your own servers

Reti Chess

An online multiplayer chess game which you can play in the browser, working on top of Node.js, Express, Socket.IO, and chess.js
Reti Chess


A professional Perl toolkit for tracking, collecting and displaying usage and performance statistics about PostgreSQL database clusters
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  • MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards
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Apache HttpComponents Core 4.4.2

An open source, lightweight Java library for developing client-server applications that use HTTP a...

Sep 16th 2015, 13:33 GMT

Apache Libcloud 0.17.0

A Python library that sets up a common API for interacting with many popular cloud service provide...

Sep 15th 2015, 07:18 GMT

Apache Commons DBCP 2.1.1

An open source Java library for supporting database connection pooling, a technique for improving ...

Sep 15th 2015, 06:43 GMT

Apache CXF 3.1.2

An open source Java framework for building Web services, tools that allow applications to interact...

Sep 14th 2015, 23:48 GMT

Apache Jackrabbit 2.11.0

An implementation of the Content Repository for Java Technology API (JCR), allowing developers eas...

Sep 8th 2015, 15:38 GMT

Apache Crunch 0.13.0

A Java framework for writing, testing, and running pipeline operations, created to deal specifical...

Sep 6th 2015, 15:46 GMT

Apache Tapestry 5.3.8 / 5.4-beta-35

An open-source Java framework developed by Apache that uses a simple approach to building complex,...

Sep 2nd 2015, 02:29 GMT

Apache Ambari 2.1.1

A Web-based tool for working with Apache Hadoop and its components, giving database administration...

Sep 1st 2015, 01:42 GMT

Apache HBase 1.1.1

The database environment for the Apache Hadoop suite, providing a database engine capable of stori...

Aug 31st 2015, 17:58 GMT

Apache Stratos 4.1.1

A powerful polyglot PaaS framework developed by the famous Apache Software Foundation, suitable fo...

Aug 28th 2015, 13:20 GMT

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Apache Lens 2.3.0-beta

An Apache project that aims to provide a data analytics service with an unified interface to multi...

Aug 27th 2015, 22:58 GMT

Apache Empire-db 2.4.4

A relational database abstraction layer created by the Apache Foundation as an alternative to clas...

Aug 25th 2015, 11:05 GMT

Apache Commons Compress 1.10

A pretty basic Java library for compressing and decompressing files to and from various known (and...

Aug 25th 2015, 07:46 GMT

Apache Hadoop 2.7.1

A powerful framework that provides a large collection of utilities for supporting reliable, scalab...

Aug 21st 2015, 17:47 GMT

Apache Struts 2.3.24 / 2.5-BETA1

An open-source MVC framework for creating Java Web applications, developed by companies like Apach...

Aug 21st 2015, 05:53 GMT

Apache Samza 0.9.1

A top of the line distributed stream processing framework from the Apache Foundation, merging tech...

Aug 19th 2015, 21:21 GMT
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