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PlayN 1.8.5

A multi-platform Java game engine
 February 22nd, 01:46 GMT
gaming engine
99 downloadsJava

CODMaster 0.1

A simulation written in Java of the Call of Duty master server
 June 10th, 10:34 GMT
master server
763 downloadsJava

Mystik RPG 2.2

A Java 2D tile RPG game engine
 December 16th, 14:39 GMT
2D game
253 downloadsJava

AllBinary 1.2.0

A Java-based gaming engine kit
 June 15th, 00:03 GMT
game engine
367 downloadsJava

Anubis JAVACards 1.0

This is a Java class for emulating a deck of cards
 July 15th, 15:50 GMT
cards deck
1,349 downloadsJava

CubeTwister Applets 2.0alpha135

These are Java applets for the CubeTwister package
 February 14th, 15:20 GMT
Rubik cube
4,637 downloadsJava

CubeTwister 2.0alpha135

CubeTwister is a companion to the Rubik's Cube written in Java
 February 14th, 12:57 GMT
create rubik cube
11,264 downloadsJava

BMTron 1.3

BMTron is a multi-player game loosely based on the light cycle scene...
 October 23rd, 10:20 GMT
multi-player game