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Apache Commons Email 1.3.3

A library for sending emails from Java, providing an unified API for...
 July 14th, 08:33 GMT
send email
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Apache JAMES jSieve 0.5

A Java implementation of the Sieve email filtering language, an Apac...
 April 1st, 11:57 GMT
email filter
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Apache JAMES jSPF 1.0.0

A Java library implementing the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for Ap...
 April 1st, 11:44 GMT
email spoofing
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Apache JAMES Mime4j 0.7.2

A tiny component for the Java-based Apache JAMES email and news serv...
 April 1st, 11:28 GMT
MIME parser
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Apache JAMES Mailet 2.5.0

An email processing agent for the Apache JAMES project, a tool that ...
 January 2nd, 01:30 GMT
email processing
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Apache JAMES MPT 0.1

An open source, lightweight Java library for creating JUnit tests su...
 March 28th, 00:18 GMT
protocol tester
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Mime Type Detection Utility 2.1.1

This utility will enable Java programs to detect MIME types based on...
 July 7th, 08:01 GMT
MIME detection