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49 downloadsRuby

Bkmrkd 1.0.1

A Ruby application that allows users to record and manage favorite l...
 July 23rd, 15:40 GMT
bookmark manager
157 downloadsPHP


A PHP-based script that works as an URL shortener and QR code genera...
 May 11th, 07:55 GMT
URL shortener
1,692 downloadsJavaScript

HistoryManager 1.0RC2

This is an unobtrusive MooTools plugin to allow history handling for...
 July 27th, 08:31 GMT
browser history
572 downloadsJavaScript


A lightweight jQuery plugin that allows a website to support text li...
 July 22nd, 04:53 GMT
line bookmark
988 downloadsPHP

Simple Bookmark

This is a bookmark management system written in PHP
 January 30th, 23:11 GMT
bookmark management
1,938 downloadsPHP

SiteBar 3.3.9

This PHP script allows a programmer to manage his bookmarks online
 December 10th, 18:37 GMT
bookmark manager