"Zynga with Friends" Makes Cross-Platform Multiplayer a Reality

Enabling people to play against each other on different social networks or devices

Zynga has been trying to grow past its current limitations, i.e. being tied to Facebook. It ventured out onto new platforms, mobile, Google+ and so on, but figured it had to do its own thing if it ever wanted to be independent.

It's been working on that over at Zynga.com where users can play most of the company's popular games, though they still use a Facebook login.

Now Zynga is looking at the next stage. For one, getting rid of platform limitations, by enabling people to play with their friends no matter where they are, on Facebook, Google+, on an iPhone and so on.

This plays into Zynga's next major step, its own social network, focused on game. The company announced just that during the Zynga Unleashed event, a "with Friends" network that will allow people to play against each other regardless of the platform they use.

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