"Golden Play" Awarded to the 80 YouTube Channels with Over 1 Million Subscribers

YouTube is recognizing its top contributors even if few others do

YouTube video makers don't get much respect, but they do get a lot of views. And they're raking in quite a bit of cash as well. To make sure that YouTube creators get some sort of recognition, YouTube itself is rewarding the best, well, the biggest, with a nice "trophy" to hang on a wall somewhere and a gift card to go towards better camera equipment.

Any channel that has more than one million subscribers will be getting a gold-plated "Play" button to mark their achievement. While it may not mean much to the likes of EminemVEVO or Ellen DeGeneres, those that started out on YouTube and slowly built up their audience will surely appreciate it.

So far, 80 channels have more than one million subscribers. But more than 1, 400 have over 100,000 subscribers. They'll be getting some recognition too, but no golden Play.

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