"Get Your Google Back Windows 8 Users" Google's Latest Public Service Announcement

Google has put together a website to help users switch back to Google Search and Chrome

Windows 8 is officially out and, despite the mixed feelings everyone has about the bold new operating system, there are going to be plenty of people that are going to give it a try or make the jump permanently.

And those people may find themselves stuck with Bing as their default search engine and Internet Explorer are their default browser. Imagine their horror.

But Google is looking out for them and has hastily put together a website to help you free yourself from the tyranny of Microsoft so you can enjoy Google's.

Or, in less dramatic terms, to switch to Google Search and make Chrome the default, in "Windows 8 UI" mode as well. On the one hand, there's the new Windows 8 Google Search app, for the people who need a dedicated app to start a search, whoever this rare breed is.

Second, the new websites instructs people how to get Chrome, install it and make it the default browser.

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