"Charlie Bit My Finger" Is the First YouTube User Video to Reach 500 Million Views

It's still the most popular user-generated video and it's going to stay that way

"Charlie bit my finger" has been the most popular user-generated video on the site for ages. It's now officially past the 500 million views mark, another record under its belt.

It's taken a long time to get here, five years to be precise. The video was one of the first go viral and is still the most popular.

Since at this point everyone has seen the video, or it wouldn't have 500 million views, it's more interesting to note how its popularity grew in time.

Like most other YouTube videos, the views count shows a linear increase, the video just added more and more views at a steady pace.

It hasn't stopped getting new views five years in, an indicator of why no other video has been able to catch up to it so far.

But that's not to say no video can catch up to it, if anything, that's exactly what Psy's Gangnam Style video proves. The video is six months old and is approaching one billion views.

A short while ago it became the most popular video on the site, overtaking Bieber's Baby which had taken years to reach that point.

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