"Chairs Are Like Facebook" - Facebook's First Ever Ad

Just like Google, Facebook waited a long time before its first ad

For a very long time, Google did not advertise itself, it didn't need to. But more recently, Google is constantly churning out some new video ad, for TV or the web. For a very long time, Facebook didn't advertise itself, it didn't need to. But it's now put out its first ever video ad.

The ad compares Facebook to chairs, doorbells, dancefloors, a great nation and the universe. One thing is for sure, Facebook is not afraid of talking big and the ad is built from the same template as most Google ads.

Just like many Google ads, the site itself isn't even featured. But, then again, everyone knows what Facebook looks like and this is a branding ad not a product one.

Facebook will run a campaign around the new video in 13 countries, mostly it's biggest markets, and in 12 languages. Funnily enough, the ad will be shown only on Facebook itself at first.

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