eBay Adds Section to Trade Virtual Currencies on the Site

eBay wants to become a player in the Bitcoin game

Popular site eBay has finally added a new category for virtual currencies, allowing users to sell and exchange Bitcoin, Dogecoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies.

According to Coindesk, who first spotted the brand new section, the place also allows users to sale shares in mining operations and contracts, as well as to purchase equipment necessary for this practice.

eBay is still not accepting Bitcoin as an official payment option and it’s unlikely that this will happen in the immediate future. After all, eBay is strongly linked to PayPal, the online payment company that has to be careful about adopting the virtual currency.

The auction site on the other hand, seems to be a perfectly acceptable venue for trading Bitcoins. While the company did not make a big announcement regarding the introduction of this new feature, it mentioned it in the “Category Changes” list it published for April.

The new feature seems to be available solely for US users of the platform. The listings indicate that the cryptocurrencies will be sent electronically, which is the most common method, while others also mention UPS or FedEx as an option.

This is an interesting addition to eBay, but it could be a while before it becomes popular enough to be considered a competitor to individual cryptocurrency marketplaces.

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