Zello Implements Workaround for Venezuelan Block, Rolls Out Updates

The new Zello update should work despite the Venezuelan govt's efforts to block it

Zello is rolling out updates for all its platforms that should help users in Venezuela overcome the barrier put up by the country’s government.

Last week, I was reporting that walkie-talkie smartphone app Zello was having issues in Venezuela. Users were reporting that they were unable to communicate with their friends over the app, most likely due to a government-imposed blockage.

The issue with Zello is that the app is often used by protesters, including those from Ukraine and Venezuela. Since the Venezuelan government isn’t really fond of the people who are currently on the streets, calling the entire protest a coup attempt, the Internet has been suffering.

Many locals are reporting issues with connecting to the Internet at night, when clashes occur, while many Twitter users cannot view any type of pictures on the platform.

Combined with the fact that state media isn’t allowed to report on the events, many Venezuelans are kept in the dark about what’s happening.

Zello has managed to find a solution to the Venezuelan block and the workaround has already been implemented in several of its apps. The PC app already contains the workaround, as well as the Android tool.

Updates are coming for Apple and Blackberry, but they are still stuck in the approval system, which means it could take a little while longer.

Download Zello for Android from Softpedia

Download Zello for Windows from Softpedia

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