YouTube's Space Spider Is Back on Earth

YouTube sent a couple of experiments devised by kids to the ISS

A few months ago, YouTube sent a spider to space. Now, the very same spider, Nefertiti is her name, has come back from space and has quite a few stories to tell.

Last year, YouTube announced that it was sending a couple of experiments to the International Space Station, so it asked kids around the world to come up with some ideas.

In the end, two experiments were picked and were sent to the ISS to be carried out. One was devised by Amr Mohamed from Egypt who wanted to see if and how jumping spiders would adapt to the zero-G environment.

The other was proposed by Dorothy Chen and Sara Ma and looked at bacterial growth in outer space.

All three got to do a live chat with Sunita Williams aboard the ISS, the current expedition commander, who carried out their experiments. That was the first and currently only live interview from space in history.

Now, after three months in space, the results of both experiments have returned to Earth. With her important mission over, Nefertiti will live out the rest of her life at the Insect Zoo in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

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