YouTube and VEVO See Drop in Visitors While Facebook Video Gains

Facebook added more than 3 million more visitors in January

Online video saw a drop in activity in January in the US, at least in terms of videos watched. Overall, as many people watched at least a video last month as they did in December, though the top sites saw a decline in both visitors and videos watched.

Google Sites, aka YouTube, still reigns supreme in the comScore compiled chart with almost 152 million visitors in the previous month, compared to 157 million the month before that. Visitors also watched more than 3 billion fewer videos on YouTube and Google's other sites.

Vevo, the second biggest site, deeply dependent on YouTube, also saw decline dropping by more than 2 million visitors and almost 100 million views.

At the same time, both Viacom and Facebook, the fourth and fifth sites in the top 10, gained 3 million viewers each though only a few more videos were watched from the two providers last month.

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