YouTube Kills RSS Feeds for Users' Subscriptions

The company has kept mum on the topic, but the feature is no longer active

YouTube has sneakily made one big modification that affects quite a few people – it has shut down the public RSS Feeds for videos.

It’s not uncommon for people to use RSS readers for more than just news consuming, but also to get the latest information about all the new videos from YouTube subscriptions.

However, that’s no longer possible, as ArsTechnica reports. In fact, the RSS feed from YouTube, which used to work just fine, is now returning a “403 Forbidden” error. Up until now, the RSS feed URL would provide a feed that was publicly accessible, offering users the newest updates from the subscriptions on any YouTube account.

It’s not exactly a surprise that this feature has completely vanished since users have been reporting bugs related to the problem for over a year. Most likely, YouTube and Google simply didn’t want to bother with the RSS feed option anymore.

After all, Google shut down its own Google Reader last year, considering the technology to be dated. It could also be quite possible that Google didn’t want to give up on the added visits that users make to YouTube to check out the latest updates from the channels they subscribed for since that means a drop in ad revenues, even if the differences weren’t that dramatic.

There's also the possibility for this to be just another bug, and that the feature will be restored in the future.

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