YouTube Is Part of the In-Flight Entertainment on Virgin America Now

It's only five channels, not the entire site, though new shows will be added

Google is no stranger to working with Virgin America, it offered free WiFi to passengers even free Chromebooks. Now, passengers are getting free YouTube which, well, isn't that much of a big deal. YouTube is already free after all and there's WiFi on board.

In fact, it's not even the entire YouTube, just five channels from Warner Brothers. But you'll be able to watch them on the in-flight entertainment system, if that's worth something to you. The channels will only be available in the US and Mexico.

"Bringing YouTube aboard Virgin America is part of a larger effort to bring you more of the videos you love, at heights you’ve never seen them before," YouTube explained.

"Sample these great series on your flight, and then visit YouTube to enjoy the full seasons. New series and shows will become available every two months," it added.

For now, H+ The Digital Series, WIGS’ Blue, Geek & Sundry’s Written By a Kid, Crash Course and Barely Political’s The Key of Awesome are available, but other channels will be added later.

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