YouTube Is Live Streaming the Brazilian Carnival from Six Different Cities

There's plenty to see before the party starts as well

Google is putting Carnival on the map, quite literally. To celebrate this year's Carnival, Google will be live streaming from several locations in Brazil, including from the famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

There will be multiple live streams from each of the events, but also plenty of other things to do and see on the YouTube Carnaval channel and the Google+ page.

"What better way to experience a party the size of Brazil than by connecting to the rhythms and local traditions of six different cities—from Rio de Janeiro’s samba and Salvador’s axé to southern Brazil’s frevo," Google explained.

"This year, you'll be able to enjoy the festivities of Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Olinda, São Luís do Maranhão, Ouro Preto and Pirenópolis," it added.

The YouTube channel will be full of live streams and it already has plenty of videos, but there's more than just videos – there's a real-time search stream for the Carnival, as well as a real-time stream of photos and posts from Google+.

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