YouTube Has a New Boss, as Long-Time Googler Susan Wojcicky Takes On the Job

Susan Wojcicky was one of the first employees that Google had

Susan Wojcicky, senior vice president of advertising for Google, is switching jobs and will take on the lead at YouTube.

According to Re/code, Wojcicki, who is among Google’s first employees, will now be the chief over YouTube. Salar Kamangar, the current leader of the video streaming company, and also one of the first people to join Google, is expected to take on another job in the company.

It’s not exactly surprising that Kamangar is leaving YouTube, as his departure has been rumored for a while now. Many assumed, however, that Shishir Mehrotra, YouTube’s tech leader, will be his replacement.

It’s not uncommon for Google employees to switch jobs from time to time, taking on new responsibilities and learning new skills in the process.

It’s yet unclear what the change is going to mean for YouTube itself.

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