YouTube Delays Launch of Music Service Again

The YouTube music service may become available later this year

YouTube has been working on a music service for what feels like forever and it looks like it’s still not even close to getting released.

Billboard reports that the site has been working on the separate service for some time, but wanted to deliver a product different from everything its competitors had to offer.

The publication claims that the service has been pushed back to the second quarter of the year or beyond, although a more accurate timeline indicates the end of year. Of course, it was Billboard that originally reported that the service would hit the Internet by the end of 2013.

YouTube’s music service would be fighting against the likes of Pandora, iHeartRadio and Spotify, as well as many other similar products.

Of course, given Google’s brand and the love that people have for YouTube, chances are that the service would skyrocket to fame quite fast, despite the growing competition in this particular field.

Information stemming from one version of the YouTube Android app indicated that the service could bear the name of “Music Pass” although Google has been tight-lipped about the topic.

Other reports indicate that YouTube is also working on a separate site version for children under the age of 10.

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