YouTube Channels Are Getting Trailers and New Art, Here's How to Prepare

Channels are getting a redesign soon across all devices

YouTube has been undergoing a major visual revamp recently. While the site itself is done, there are some components that are also getting an upgrade, particularly channels.

YouTube is getting ready to launch new channel pages, but is currently testing the feature with some brands and users.

The new page design will be made available to more users soon, so YouTube is giving them a heads up and listing a couple of the new features that may come in handy.

One particularly interesting addition is a channel trailer which is designed to entice visitors to subscribe. This video will greet visitors to the channel, but will not be shown to existing subscribers.

The new channel pages will also get a new layout which means new art. This art will be displayed on but also in the mobile apps, functioning as both the background image for the channel on TVs and the header image in the apps and on the website.

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