YouTube Adds Disney Classics and Modern Blockbusters to Rental Program

Enlarging its selection of high quality movie titles

YouTube is well known and highly appreciate for cat/infant or cat plus infant combo videos, but less so for movie rentals. It's working on it, Google has been signing deals left and right to get more movies available in its rental program.

Well, add movies that people would actually want to watch, you can only have so much of Bollywood flicks and 70s B movie classics.

The latest big deal is with Disney which brings classics as well as newer blockbusters over to the very popular video site. From Alice in Wonderland to Winnie the Pooh to Pirates of the Caribbean, there are some solid titles in there.

And YouTube promises even more Disney flicks coming soon to a small screen near you. It's not mentioning anything now, but YouTube is also said to have signed a deal with Disney to produce original content for the site.

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