You'll Be Able to Export All of Your Tweets by the End of the Year

Twitter is working on an export tool which should be ready by 2013

Facebook is not the only one giving users a bit more control over their data. Twitter is now working on making it possible to export all of your tweets in one go, if you're interested.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is trying to deflect some of the criticism it's been getting lately and has said during a conference that he doesn't see Twitter as a traditional media company, which needs to protect its content or at least keep it in one place, and that he's a big believer in syndication.

He believes that a platform company will always be better than a singularly focused one. It's just that the third-parties using the Twitter platform need to be adding value.

So yes, he was talking about "cards" again, apps that can be attached to tweet to provide additional functionality.

But that's still in the future, more immediate is a tool to enable users to get all of their tweets out, if they so desire. He expects it to be ready by the end of the year, but that's all dependent on how fast it can be done.

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