You Won't Believe This 3D Demo Runs in Your Browser

JavaScript and WebGL are powerful enough for impressive games these days

Everyone's talking about mobile and native apps these days, but it's premature to dismiss the web outright. Several technologies are coming into their own that should put the web not only on par with native apps, but ahead in some respects.

Overall, the web as a platform is becoming more and more viable for apps that wouldn't have been possible a short while ago.

Games in particular are a simple but effective way of showcasing what a modern browser can do; WebGL has been around for a few years now, but it's still mostly used for demos.

Granted, this latest example is a demo as well, but it's a particularly impressive one, a real-time 3D graphics demo using a JavaScript port of a powerful cross-platform 3D engine, Unigine.

While WebGL handles the graphics, the port was only made possible by Emscripten, an increasingly powerful tool for converting C/C++ code into JavaScript which can be "understood" by any browser. The demo speaks for itself and you can check it out right now in Chrome or Firefox.

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