You Can Now Save Any File Online Directly to Google Drive

Google introduces "Save to Drive" button for websites

Google is introducing a new way of saving content to Drive, a button for websites, similar to the Like or share buttons that you'll find on almost any site now.

The Save to Drive button makes it easy to send anything from a bill to a great wallpaper without downloading it or even visiting the Drive website.

It can be a useful feature; the trick is getting websites to implement it. A Save to Drive button isn't going to be useful in the same situations as a like or share button, but it could come in handy for sites that offer file downloads and the likes.

"The 'Save to Drive' button is an easier way to save files directly from a website. If you have your own website, you can improve the experience for your site visitors by adding the 'Save to Drive' button to your page using two easy lines of HTML," Google's Nicolas Garnier explained.

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