You Can Now Find Your Google+ Photos in Google Search

Making it easier and faster than ever to find your stuff

Google+ Photos got a major update at I/O last week, but Google isn't done. Now, you can search for your photos in Google Search without even having to visit Google+.

Google has been working towards an universal search engine for a while, a personal assistant that can help you with everything you need, pizza delivery, sports results, research and, yes, finding your friend's wedding photos.

"Starting today, you’ll be able to find your photos more easily and connect with the friends, places and events in your Google+ photos. For example, now you can search for your friend’s wedding photos or pictures from a concert you attended recently," Google explained.

All you have to do is search for "my photos of flowers" or anything of the sort. The feature works for friends' photos as well. The same type of search now works on Google+ as well, not just the main search engine.

Finally, Google has also started using image recognition to analyze your photos and determine what they're about, to make them easier to find. This feature has been rolled out earlier, we've noted about it here, it's quite impressive in practice.

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