You Can Now Ask Google to Calculate Your Tip

Google Search is getting smarter and smarter, particularly with natural language queries

Google Search is getting smarter and smarter. It still has a long way to go before it's as capable as the Star Trek computer, which Google has repeatedly said is its goal for search, but it's getting there. The latest addition is a tip calculator which, well, allows you to calculate the appropriate tip for your bill.

The feature is most at home in the mobile Google Search app, it's designed to work with a natural language query like "what's the tip for $100," which is what a voice search would say. Google is a big fan of natural queries these days and is pushing the web beyond keywords, particularly with the Hummingbird search algorithm update.

But the feature works for searches like "tip calculator" as well. In fact, while the feature is obviously best suited for mobile devices, it works on the desktop as well.

"The next time you're dining out with friends, eliminate the guesstimating of figuring out how much to tip. Say that you're out to eat with eight friends and the bill is $323. On the Google Search App, just type or tap the mic and ask, 'What's the tip for 323 dollars?' You can also easily adjust the percent of the bill you’d like to tip, and split the check among the people in your party," Google explained.


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