You Can Get the Chromebook Pixel for Free and Save $500, €383 If You Need 1 TB of Google Drive Storage

If you're spending money on cloud storage, you might as well get a Chromebook out of it

The Chromebook Pixel is expensive, there's no denying; it's expensive compared to most ultrabooks and it's incredibly expensive compared to other Chromebooks. In fact, you can get six Acer C7 Chromebooks for the price of one Pixel and still have money left to spend.

But the Pixel may actually be good value; in fact, it's great value if you're considering buying Google Drive space, a lot of space.

If you need 1TB of cloud storage and you prefer to work with Drive, you'll be spending $50, €38 a month on it.

But with the Chromebook Pixel, you get 1 TB of Drive storage for free for three years. At $50 a month, this adds up to $1,800, €1,378 of value.

But the Pixel only costs $1,300, €995 so you'll actually be saving money if, instead of paying the monthly rates, you decided to buy a Pixel instead, as Google Operating System noted.

Granted, there aren't that many people out there who need 1 TB of cloud storage. Even among those who need it, they can't be sure they'll need it three years from now.

But if you're going to be spending money on 1 TB of cloud storage anyway, you might as well get a free laptop and save $500, €383 at the same time.

Google also offers free cloud storage with its other Chromebooks, but you only get 100 GB for two years, still a good value.

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