You Can Buy a Very Cheap Kindle Fire HD or an Xbox 360 with a Hashtag on Twitter

American Express is making it possible for Twitter users to buy stuff with a hashtag

Twitter has been a lot more focused on the business side of things lately, for good reason too. The site is doing well otherwise, its user numbers are still growing, it's very popular on TV, but it needs to make some money as well if it's going to hit its target of $1 billion, €747 million in revenue for 2013.

Still, this might be one of the biggest moves yet, Twitter is now making it possible to buy stuff straight from the site.

Twitter is not opening up a store, but users that have associated their American Express credit cards with their Twitter accounts, not that many, can now buy things with a simple tweet.

American Express will be running a series of offers from its Twitter profile and users will be able to buy anything available with a hashtag.

They're then asked to confirm the purchase in another tweet and that's it. Needless to say, all of this is restricted to US users.

For now, American Express is offering deals on the Kindle Fire HD, $50, €37.37 cheaper than buying directly from Amazon, Xbox 360 consoles, American Express gift cards and a few other products.

While the move isn't strictly Twitter's, American Express has been working closely with Twitter until now.

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