Yandex Browser 1.1, Chrome's Evil Twin, Gets Opera Turbo

The browser should be snappier especially when the connection is poor

Yandex, Chrome's Russian brother, or maybe evil twin, is getting an update. The browser is entirely based on Chrome, Chromium technically – the open source version, but it has a couple of features added by the Yandex team.

It's now getting some more capabilities, including one that was promised from the get go, access to Opera Turbo.

Opera Turbo is the desktop version of the Opera Mini technology. It's a cloud tech which uses the Opera rendering engine and a bunch of servers to prefetch and render web pages prior to serving them to the browser.

The advantage of Opera Turbo is that pages are smaller and they load faster, since a part of the work has already been done. Images are converted to Google's WebP, which is generally smaller, and the entire page is compressed.

It's very useful for less than ideal internet connections and it should come in very handy in many parts of Russia.

Download Yandex for Windows

Download Yandex for Mac

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