Yahoo's So Insecure, It's "Testing" a New Logo Before Rolling It Out

Yahoo may be getting a fresh new look, though it's still an old company

Marissa Mayer is breathing new life into Yahoo, but the struggle is just beginning. At least this time there's hope, but Yahoo is still an old company. Maybe not old, but middle-aged surrounded by hip youngsters like Facebook or even Google.

So what's a middle-aged in a crisis to do, may change its looks obviously. Starting with the rather iconic logo that may be getting a revamp.

A very ugly revamp, judging by what we've seen so far, but the good news is that it's not the final design. Yahoo wants something new, but it's not doing anything as wild as actually unveiling a new logo, as those crazy people eBay or Microsoft are doing.

No, Yahoo is taking the sensible way out and is doing surveys to try and find which versions of the redesigned logo people like, if any.

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