Yahoo's New Mail Is Full of Bugs

Users are reporting a wide range of issues, some more serious than others

Yahoo’s Mail got a complete redesign last week and it seems to be a complete disaster.

It has already been reported that there’s a bug with mails getting forwarded to external mail addresses despite them not being activated, but it seems problems don’t end there.

Essential Yahoo Mail functions have reportedly disappeared completely. Some users can no longer organize their Inbox by Tabs or sort by sender, while others can’t view their folders unless they leave the inbox. Furthermore, new emails are no longer bolded, which makes them difficult to view.

Not to mention the fact that the delete button is now placed too close to the sender name. The Print button also seems to be playing a hide-and-seek game with users.

And issues are more common than Yahoo hoped, since there are some 4,100 messages in the Bug or error category, with thousands of votes, signaling that more users have the same issues.

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