Yahoo's Getting a New Office in San Francisco

Marissa Mayer is getting close to making an announcement, but this time, it's a new office

Yahoo is reportedly going to get a brand new headquarter in San Francisco just a few weeks after signing on for a new place in Times Square in Manhattan.

Marissa Mayer is apparently aiming to make a big announcement out of the deal, AllThingsD reports.

Similarly with the New York office, the San Francisco place once belonged to another media corporation, namely the San Francisco Chronicle.

According to some sources, the deal is in a pretty advanced stage, although it’s unclear if the lease has already been signed or they’re still negotiating.

Yahoo already has a location in San Francisco where hundreds of employees work every day.

However, the building isn’t located in the best part of town, so Mayer might simply be looking for a change for her employees. Furthermore, companies like Twitter, Airbnb, Square and a few other tech firms already have offices in the same area.

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