Yahoo Unveils New Ad Tools

Yahoo is trying everything it can to win back its place among advertising sellers

Marissa Mayer was quite busy during her CES keynote, making announcement after announcement, ranging from new acquisitions to the recent switch to HTTPS for Mail. Yahoo’s CEO has also announced a series of new advertising platforms.

Yahoo has been working hard to reverse the decline in its share of digital ad revenues. The company’s employees have been working on re-imagining the core business across a series of areas, including search, communications, media and video.

So, now, Yahoo has three new advertising products that were designed to help the company improve targeting to particular users and give marketers better control across Yahoo’s services.

Scott Burke, senior vice president of Yahoo, also took the stage at CES. “Yahoo is focused on cleaning up this complexity and providing clarity,” he said, referring to the fact that marketers need simpler tools to do their jobs.

Last year, the Internet giant lost the second spot in the world of digital advertising. Facebook now comes second after Google, according to various firms. Ever since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO, Yahoo has been trying to win back some of its edge.

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