Yahoo Said to Be Looking to Buy Dailymotion, the French Video Site

Yahoo is looking to expand outside of the US, Dailymotion to increase its US presence

Yahoo is said to be looking to buy a significant portion of the Dailymotion video site. Dailymotion has been a YouTube contender, but it's only popular in Europe and a few other places.

It's now almost entirely owned by France Telecom (Orange). The rumors say that Yahoo is looking to buy up to 75 percent of the site. Dailymotion could be valued at around $300 million.

However, the talks are still ongoing and the deal may still not happen. If it does, Yahoo could buy the remaining stake at a later date.

Dailymotion has a large number of users, but hasn't been able to monetize the content as well as YouTube. YouTube itself isn't exactly flush with cash.

Yahoo is looking to expand overseas and make better use of the reach it's already got there.

The move could also help Dailymotion get better traction in the US where it's relatively unknown.

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