Yahoo Puts Summly to Good Use, Announces Yahoo News Digest Download

The 17-year-old behind Summly helped Yahoo create this new tool

Remember last year when Yahoo bought Summy from a teenager? Well, the company is finally doing something about it. Nick D’Aloisio, the developer behind Summly, has teamed up with Yahoo and created Yahoo News Digest.

The announcement came during Yahoo’s keynote presentation at Consumer Electronics Show 2014 and it was delivered by the young tech developer.

Yahoo News Digest will quickly deliver the latest news, making sure you get important information first. The product is, obviously, based on Summly.

The tool delivers news twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Top stories get formed from multiple news sources, but they also feature so-called “atoms.” These are bits of information, such as stock data, tweets, quotes, maps, videos or any other things that will enhance the story.

Yahoo News Digest only delivers nine top stories at a time.

You can download Yahoo News Digest for iPhone from Softpedia 

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