Yahoo Opens Wish List for Requesting Inactive Usernames

The same day that the company reset all dormant IDs, it opened up a way to get one

Now that all dormant IDs have been reset, Yahoo has launched a username wish list.

The company had announced a few weeks back that they would be resetting all dormant accounts which haven’t been accessed in over a year. This was programmed for July 15.

Now, Yahoo is opening up a wish list allowing users to pitch in a username they’d like to own before actually letting people get ahold of these names.

By August 7, users can choose five moniker requests, in order or preference and if you’re first in line, you’ll get the ID by the middle of next month.

Yahoo requires an email address of your own and they’ll send out a message to your inbox if you’re eligible for any of the IDs you set eyes on.

The link needs to be clicked within 48 hours and the account will be yours.

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