Yahoo News Digest Gets Positive Feedback, Including from Yahoo Employees

Yahoo News Digest seems like quite an awesome app if we're to believe reviewers

It looks like Yahoo employees had a rather simple task to do yesterday – cheer for the company’s newest News Digest app.

TechCrunch reports that a bunch of employees seem to have gone straight to the App Store and posted their very positive opinions of the tool. It wasn’t really all that difficult to spot them either, since you simply had to Google their name to find out where they worked.

Of course, it’s not illegal for companies to take this road and they’re certainly not the only ones to do this.

Frankly, they may even be entitled to their excitement, since the app really does look and sound great. Other reviewers (they can’t all be Yahoo employees, after all) seem quite pleased with the app too, praising the way it provides the most important news in a summarized format.

Yahoo denies that someone ordered employees to post reviews to the App Store, and places this behavior on their enthusiasm about the new app.

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