Yahoo Mail Users Are Livid over Infinite Scroll, Don't Know to Use Search

Most people are upset over infinite scroll rather than Mail Classic shutting down

Yahoo killed Yahoo Mail Classic and the slightly newer version of the site and pushed everyone to the latest and greatest Yahoo Mail earlier this week.

Yet it wasn't this major change that most people were upset about. Rather, more people are complaining about a minor change to the new Yahoo Mail, namely infinite scrolling.

In the latest update, Yahoo removed the pages in the inbox and users can simply scroll down until they find the message they are looking for.

This, though, didn't sit well with some users who had grown accustomed to flipping through pages and pages of emails to find the one they need.

Scrolling down through thousands of emails doesn't sound too appealing to them and they're making their annoyance heard.

Of course, most of the grievances are easily solved and not by bringing back the pages. Rather, all people have do is something email services have provided for decades, search.

Searching for the emails you need rather than flipping through tens of pages looking for it is going to be faster in the vast majority of cases.

One aspect where the paged layout is better is when mass selecting emails, to archive, delete and so on.

Even if infinite scrolling is better for the vast majority of people, even those complaining, Yahoo should probably add an option to switch to a paged layout for those who want to.

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