Yahoo Mail Is Still Down – 12/11/2013 Update

For the past three days, people have been reporting issues with Yahoo Mail

Things are getting ridiculous over at Yahoo, after one of its most important services, Yahoo Mail, has been down for users across the world for three days.

Countless people are reporting problems, choosing to complain over on Twitter. It looks like the issues have been going on for days for some of them, while others have only just started encountering this type of problems.

Despite sending out messages to Yahoo’s customer support office, there’s been no response from them and people are getting frustrated.

“We know some of our users are unable to use Yahoo Mail. We’re on it and trying to restore access in a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience,” the Yahoo Mail Twitter account posted some 20 hours ago, although the issue seems to carry on.

This isn’t the first time Yahoo Mail has had issues, nor is it the first time it’s been down for days on end, especially following this summer’s upgrade to the New Yahoo Mail, something that has also upset countless people as the service lacks a lot of the main features users appreciated in it.

Once more, the issues aren't affecting everyone, although accounts hit by the issue aren't able to access their emails even when changing computers and IPs.

[UPDATE] Apparently, Yahoo is working on the issues as they have finally updated the Twitter page.

"Yahoo Mail is aware some users are having service disruptions. The eng[ineering] team is working on the issue. Pls stay tuned for updates," reads a new message posted both on the Yahoo Mail and Yahoo's customer care accounts.

[UPDATE 2] The team over at Yahoo Mail at least has some sense of humour. In a message to one disgruntled user, they said that this was a simple maintenance (ahem).

When the user asked if this was maintenance, as displayed when trying to access Yahoo Mail, the company's team replied "You're correct-- that's what we were referring to in our tweet. We're still working on this, so please stay tuned."

Well, with a three-day long "maintenance," the service better run without a hitch at least until next year.

[UPDATE 3] Yahoo has finally released some information about the situation. It looks like the Yahoo Mail outage is being caused by a hardware problem in one of the company's mail data centers.

"The issue has been harder to fix than we originally expected," the company wrote in a blog post, mentioning that users haven't been able to access their mail since 10:27 PM PT on Monday.

Yahoo says there are dozens of people working around the clock to make everything working again. They estimate that users will be able to access their Yahoo Mail accounts by 3 PM PT today, which means that there are some three hours left.

[UPDATE 4] Yahoo restored user access to the email service, but many are reporting the loss of a lot of emails received since November 25 and up until December 9. The company said it is already working on fixing things up and bringing back the vanishing emails.

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